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when will we will . the news americans and canadians are bracing for the west as a potable takes brings more frigid weather down from the off take the temperature is dropping to lose not seen in decades the winter storms have already been blamed for sixteen deaths in the cancellation of more than three thousand seven hundred flights since the weekend full cost to save the cold weather could potentially state until mid week that some parts of the north and central us feeling as cold as minus fifty one degrees celsius including the effect of wind chill. my inner self the case and in the newly are
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expected to be some of the hardest hit areas. us weather service has advised residents to stay indoors for the road safety. us secretary of state's john kerry says saudi king abdullah has offered his enthusiastic support to american efforts to result the israeli palestinian conflict. kerry made the comments off to meetings with saudi monarch in riyadh and king abdullah of jordan in amman carrying treats but needed some three days of talks he held earlier in the week that the israelis and palestinians was his tenth peacemaking trip to the region during the last year. kerry said that signs were waiting with great intensity and serious purpose in all its result the conflict pitting the two baggies of mistrust is making the price is difficult and complicated. i the tune came on. i know. though. a new
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diet seats. the million dollar will go to the new blog format the model will be inflicted on him saying be a busy actual achieve in and out the sui eyes of a live one day i too took a look at it. you don t do much because he be subject to a mockery of the goblin it's a book in the oven with them . israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu has re integrated his accusation that the root of the israeli palestinian conflict is the palestinian authority's incitement against israel as was the palestinian refusal to acknowledge israel as a jewish state. israel's ambassador to the united nations rump roast are also made similar comments last month calling on secretary general ban ki moon and the un security council to condemn the ongoing inside mini games to zero while also saying the incitement was directly responsible for the recent round of terror attacks against the jewish state last month including a bus bombing a rocket attack and one sniper shooting despite the attacks israel recently released a third group of palestinian prisoners as part of the u s brokered deal to restart direct peace talks between the israelis and palestinians the move has being deeply unpopular in israel with all the palestinians serving jail time for killing israelis and activities. one more round of twenty six prisoners is planned for release as part of the deal however little
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progress has seemingly been made in brokering a permanent two state solution the prisoners were praised by the palestinians upon their release with the palestinian authority president mahmoud amassed calling them heroes the comments prompted netanyahu to respond to that of murderers are not heroes and that while israel was making painful sacrifices in the quest for peace. top palestinian leaders were still crazy murderous anti israeli actions of criminals speaking of two sweetly sung by blessing and the facts complete strong since announced he would travel to the struggle the west by and jordan in my marking his first voyage of contents to the honey lime the scientists at the time of this voice will be to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the historic amazing entries on the train party called the six hundred and spirit or lead off the world's orthodox christians had to knock out an accord with the stock
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comes time to light pole took place in balancing sixty knowing. this may be assessed this is as head of the conflict to score an rei but goatee i'd previously visited this relic anointing seventeen on the web but his first visit was upbeat on zero at the very start of the dome capable. he has a long and strong toys which and judaism was going to close friendships with people he grew up with that in this night to argentina . loom secretary of state john kerry's doing the prospect of peace between israelis and palestinians point of stupidity from mr when he outgrew interesting authority president and about scary said. the lead in the framework basically meant that recent loss to life on a three year hiatus. i will pray that we are working with
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reagan had read. with her in her purse. with a commitment to trying to recall the conflict that has gone on for many years go on. i am with. i think. now with the possibility of trying to find a framework agreement we could really layout the nba. the way out the framework of the major issues to guide the negotiations for the boy for work. hence i did have were not there yet. we are making progress. and we are beginning to flesh out the old hood the first hurdle yet to bee the peace candidate john mccain also can mean israel and also help bring a sense of urgency to get a minute to talk ideas
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only for its cautious optimism and we have moved from korea and is one reason i know it's very difficult but i do mean you'll appreciate the senators during a search engine ranking and very appreciative of that. we also see the unwillingness. perhaps it is not condoned by the city s and so. we will show you the reader comes about from rand and i continue you are a great deal about syria. long term framework of cleaning to spain to secure the april agreement it's anything but guarantee that so many analysts believe the rejection of the us peace plan and economic damage israel's standing among western nations and hurt its economy. kerry's times the persistence of new albany countless trips to the region over the past few months include sunday's trip to jordan and saudi media but
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kerry is expected to attempt to drum up support for the comic of the station's quest to find lasting peace and minerals . top line islamist militants weeks hoisted to recruit alcoa to have claimed responsibility for recent suicide car bombing in beirut lebanon which due to the smart people the jihadi militants officially called the islamic state of iraq and the events have balanced other attacks in lebanon calling the exclusion assessment payment of the heavy accounts the deadly car bombing took place in a stronghold of lebanese militants has come up the uno cards in the group referred to as the law as criminal hypocrites. jason elam going to support the syrian president bashar on a sad case but also highlighted the machine is the news of rome. well the al qa'ida militants to follow is
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a sunni islam. the al qaeda affiliates jihadism is to have operations in syria with eighteen fourteen of the rebel factions in the ongoing civil war in northern syria the militant group is keen for a team gets it because it's a bit consecrate to autonomy and full control of major oil reserves while in the lead for detection of the rebels including the free syrian army knew the form is on the front the islamic state of iraq and them about recently to control the strategic liability which connects the city of flint at the capital but the odds for the injury itself is also in the hands of the jihadi group following a recent in a kilt oration the hotline is the supposed iraq's majority shia muslim governments which in turn has its domestic blitz go and it really did steal and support the saudi muslim militant group. in june last year al qa'ida me to aim and el zawahiri to succeed to the summit in london which was the news the middle east. these
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jihadists part of efforts to set up an islamic state in what is turning israel the sadness the militants are also seeking to punish or a caliphate in iraq lebanon and syria. violent crime against women in afghanistan has hit a record levels and became increasingly brutal in two thousand and thirteen according to the head of the country's human rights commission. the findings appeared to signal that hard won rights are being rolled back as foreign troops prepare to withdraw. i think of my dancing and swimming and let's commit to it in this country. the floor again and. foreign troops in the fun the sun. getting a lot and kind de. their presence in a fun aside. and my tx that they are leaving it to continue. see an awesome our chair of the afghanistan independent human rights commission says the brutality of attacks on
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women has intensified recently as most foreign troops prepare to leave the country by the end of the year. i think the problem is the bush to itt of the violence against women was with the shocking to see it and getting the cutting off the nose and lips off of torment and coating them from my state and space. which is sad as choking in archives restoring women's rights after the taliban was ousted by a us led coalition troops in two thousand one was cited as one of the main objectives of the war under taliban rule women were required to wear the head to toe covering burka and barred from leaving their homes without a male relative schools for girls were also shut down. women's rights advocates fear a return to such policies citing the difficulty of implementing laws aimed at protecting women. it's strong
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she lives close. lee added you can get the kinks. he's into you. is this an easy things stop by you and you have to do that. she is in part ii the woman as husband and kids. in may th. christ the latest figures for two thousand thirteen showed a twenty five percent increase in cases of violence again swim in for march to september compared to previous year and any further troubling sign that women are becoming increasingly desperate female cases of self inflation a last resort for women in abusive situations and jumps with a record number of self burn victims being admitted to hospital in two thousand twelve the killing of a
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series of protests has in recent clashes between egyptian police in the snow it supports is heated to a guitar been involved in the diplomats expect. so institution government expressed concern that the number of people killed as results car is summoned to toss ambassador and told him to reject the comments made by his government. she backed regime is taking a hardline starts against the components of their innocence and love fest since the ouster of president ahmed will see hall was a major factor business more sea and has recently found his brother the car seat providing moans and groans was seven point five billion dollars chewing will cease when the rain the guitar e mails received is that gaza providing muslim brotherhood affiliates to mess with the two hundred and fifty million dollars wrongful construction work however since the change of regime in egypt car and has already repaid sermons back to guitar in addition news
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organization out to sea or in the above egyptian colts and that in this that the terror charges of two series and buttock atari ruling elites and has been accused of bias and grits coverage or for more see and for democracy protests in egypt austria now the zero s a report to the plate the hotel bills of the series of muslim brotherhood supporting dissidents. the footage is going to tear into law it is another sign of the news channels first choice the previous regime the atari television network recently jones out to sarah america to cry from the daily news on the apatow is the world's richest country in central africa and the city's ambitious future plans which include boosting the twenty twenty two thief who woke up the eye. it is you. two people had been taken to hospital in critical condition after a fine thread count on the twentieth goal
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of the playwrights apartment building in midtown manhattan around two hundred flights like to respond it as the flames spread to nearby apartments. my resident when the team. on this one is for first arriving in its got here on the five minutes. and the synagogues that it's going to war. i made to god the smoking this year. in the hallway twenty four and one or more. still the point chauncey see a difference on sliced breakouts that dusting to do is stay in toulouse in with the help. many of his old self back to it. we tried to get advice too stay warm in these types of buildings
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starting point is that one high rise building. my attention. the incidence of them my knee injuries in the blaze which took place just a few blocks from times square the course of the fall and is still under investigation. celebrity criminal ronnie biggs is being given its final send off north london on the house get away last month due to ill health. biggs his funeral was attended one year is hell's angels. in addition to cross back and full of mulch this and on the celebrities going through the ballot box and stephen to go. it's a can't miss in the nineteen sixties following his conviction for his role in the great train robbery and subsequent jailbreak fifteen months into a thirty year sentence. the twelve strong gang made off with a two point six million pounds which is twelve fifteen times the amount in today's money among the british speaks of is considered perfectly connection and unrepentant to the news. i've been to australia fiji is before moving to brazil where he lived without fail teach them
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to an extradition treaty with the uk the accident he returned to britain in two thousand won and for health and family reasons he was to open a reliable for release in two thousand and nine due to health problems to symbolizes its unique life his coffin was draped in the uk scene jack black and resumes next month right the loom. c4 and sipping found dead with gunshot wounds of the beach in west and maybe a forty six he killed a british man and a female new zealand the way i discovered it with all its oil and gas complex car going by the libyan government and its highly minute she joined the nra around a hundred km west of capital tripoli. both victims rights of new energy and oil field maintenance firm the deadly attack was therefore be conducted by jihadi militants that seven
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suburban living is government keeps rising profits in the oil and gas industry back in november militant group based in eastern india established a regional oil so i'm off to seizing control of several poets. in the novice on a baby is lawlessness. an american teacher showed that one out for rome last month in the eastern city of thing go see while in september eleven two thousand twelve the us cones that in bangor he was attacked by militants resulting in death of american ambassador for stevens. peanut vendor libby is on the takeover series of militant strongholds across cool cities including trip are they. however despite this road to success the militants were allowed to keep their weapons caches which included that is so broad fools anti aircraft guns mounted on pickup trucks and grenade launchers the north african state has been plagued with lawlessness and violence since the overthrow of four would it take to come over to the infant eleven the power vacuum which is full it is about beyond its limits militant groups. steve carell
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chieftains in the country and impose carbon interpretations of sharia rule. a construction worker has been killed in a further eight people injured. ulster will cool to bomb exploded a bomb in west germany the pom extent the decimated off the pill but this looks to sweep his mechanical digger on the device also cause major damage to nearby property. during the second mobile west gemini contain many industrial fact reason is that for me to talk if allied bombings the american tradition forces reportedly tropes combined one point five million tonnes of bombs on gemini between nineteen thirty nine and nineteen forty five. local government reports indicate that they are the seven hundred homes are diffused in the west gym in region two thousand twelve mm anyway neither fifty kilograms expense often use the allies wartime ariel for it to crops to find unexpected moments and the many alonso uncovered
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accidently during construction work . the team has included some eighteen single click. however if you look closely i did it up to and almost all of them originated from israel. so how can the israelis have captured bathroom to have israelis become the new japanese who is just a technological thing. we went to find out was so that developers of those apps the editor in chief of israel's top technology built the tag says that the reason is the app developers have been busy creating good at is probably due to the fact that those steps of the hottest trend in the smartphone market right now. i think that one thing that is rio does best is that. and once israel saw the success of our
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apps like cameron watson has to be on for example. i'm being you have to adapt to the situation quickly and then work their way through and although our audience is not. too much into photography. like the japanese do. we understand what other people want what actually change into after fifty years is that israeli companies have learned what he didn't know before was and that's marketing. adil are hard to market the ap's well. and that's what helped bring down onto the top lists i am hopeful that the smartphone applications and its ceo forty single cleans he meets around seven to printers who come to him on a daily basis with a d it's the new applications to invest in when you consider six or seven hundred words
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notification. i'm crazy humans are causing a coffee house when he arrived in india and indian navy will go between dean and leader of the year. so who's really in the petition. duped to take a deep but this is really good naps companies to see why they decided to get specific he did that feel in every interest in court than in the media is the only picture that i can do a post infested with its out the truth something that people want to call it that way. when jared is so. everything is peachy i'm not sure that that there is something above photos that makes us israelis perfect door. experts at the end of the innovation here is going in the right direction. it's just a coincidence that of the people influencing each other. maybe and when you talk to there and to put in words and you get more and he
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is. and when you see a friend succeed in the specific link you get annoyed he is the cause the day the israelis that busy working on many different states you can't change the world and probably will continue to highlight many top ten lists on the various stores which in one dime one jacobson interesting. eye the up restart drivers have taken to the slopes of the mori dunes the highest in the world for the last round of the lead law international festival in abu dhabi although the goal of the race was to pass the finish line in the shortest time driving even a short distance over the dunes proved to be a difficult task. god has
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allowed the spokesman of the abu dhabi motors club said that thanks to the arabian people's love for car racing and the charm of the dunes the event in our tracks into national attention. from a local call so let's not solely from the moment it's a local farm store get it done before such are the ones that will be a competition over there the soft sand and steep slopes have been the competition a reputation as a difficult challenge which is why the event has been attracting more viewers then the doubts that the bags and boxes of wood says you can see a few. have a go. thousands of people to enjoy the visit. without a stud ago that people like camping is that the so at this unique dead because this is the highest join the door some racers were only halfway to the finish line when the veered off course and became stuck in the sand and thus requiring the assistance of staff
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pulled them out. among the fifty seven contenders in the short race driver ali abdullah came out in front with a time of seven point one seconds. russian president dimitri two has continued to inspecting facilities in sight she had at next month's winter olympic games. that it really should continue trying i still came with the aggression to cut the legs on the show and tell you among others the twelve thousand seat upholstery arts to him. the russian premier league simplicity of the saw lights which can be used to sport in goma pretenders closely identified himself with the fifty billion dollar projects which will in all the time and his legacy despite allegations of corruption. saatchi has been transformed and is reportedly within budget. just basic tote which was accompanied by russian prime minister to the team and the dead on the ski slopes and soy cheese mountain range sixty one year
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old pentium seen floating down the ski slope wearing tall losses and a helmet with russian leaders receive enjoying mobile and off the skin. in a softening of russia's one position on the right to freedom of speech and expression the two has agreed to allow protests take place turned into big games. the match a former kgb agent also released a series of political prisoners last month including members of the sea rise in demand designed to turn to disarm the visiting media. however following the train station and bus bombings. this is to photograph recently the kremlin is on high alert for the security breaches the attacks which killed at least an equal people already are minded to many of the threat is the newest militants intent on securing the separatists chariot stakes in southern russia thousands gathered in seekers and those stadium and it's been a tribute to cripple creek ecb and
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the scope and was greeted like she is as it eroded to the grounds. at the cpa who was the top score in the nineteen sixty six world cup died on sunday from a heart attack at the age of seventy one with portugal morning hymn is an eternal symbol of their football crying. the death of the charismatic strike and whose idolized iraq which he speaking world and considered one of the game's greatest players has prompted the portuguese government declared three days of national mourning. the cba useful mainly ccp it is still with the rana has european footballer of the year in nineteen sixty five he won great acclaim he'd make sure to accompany that with his nine goals helpful to reach the semifinals of the tournament. in nineteen sixty eight ecb eight became the first player to receive the european golden boot awards forty three years late in the present israel treats christiane a renowned say that the very same ward and now that has led tributes to the great portuguese footballing icon right to hunt with said police attended the cbi to rest in
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peace. eye i will. i am. i mean. to me. who are. i will
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the tsar . i did the aca. it
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is the new. zz you. says. one gulp and ten. to my jaws and put in a day and the representative to the us team would talk has returned to taiwan. aunt jen every sixteen team reported to the let's take a pic line and face questions about domestic issues his future position in he


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